Our Story

Our story began atop Half Dome in Yosemite, California, where co-founders Carter, Braeden, Jon, and our close friend Andy envisioned a community-centered brand—CREW. This name encapsulates our ethos, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Andy for inspiring it. In the vast landscape of pickleball, we noticed an abundance of overpriced, uninspiring products. Recognizing this gap was an opportunity not just to fill a market need but also to fulfill our passion for giving back to our communities. Annually, a percentage of our profits goes back to charity, alongside donations of paddles and other merchandise throughout the year. With ambitious dreams for the future and a commitment to enhancing our charitable endeavors, your support today means more than words can express.

Customer Centricity

At CREW, every decision is rooted in prioritizing our customers. From including a paddle cover with every order to offering an above industry-standard warranty, top-tier customer service, and competitively priced top-of-the-line paddles, our focus remains unwaveringly customer-centric.

Should any customer encounter issues, our founders are directly accessible at braeden@crewpickleball.com, carter@crewpickleball.com, or jon@crewpickleball.com, underscoring our dedication to personalized service.

Your accessibility to us mirrors our commitment to placing your needs at the forefront - it's more than just a game; it's about your experience.

Vibrant Designs Without Compromising On Performance

Our performance paddle line incorporates industry-leading T700 carbon fiber, featuring a carbon grit surface, edgeless thermoformed molding, and an aerodynamic throat design - setting a new standard in paddle excellence. Meanwhile, our more accessible Lifestyle & Founder lines adapt these premium features for beginner and intermediate players.

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Looking Towards The Future

As we grow, sustainability in the pickleball world is a priority. We're actively exploring ways to introduce more sustainable practices, and we're excited to keep the community updated on our efforts.

Our growth priorities remain clear: Uphold a customer-first philosophy, foster inclusivity in the sport, and advance environmental sustainability.

Thank you for joining The CREW and entrusting us with your business.

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