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    Design Collaboration

    Do you have logos, colors, or a simple sketch idea? Send them our way! Every detail you share guides us in creating your perfect paddle.

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    Review Design Options

    We will send you a set of design options to review and give feedback on to ensure we create the perfect paddle.

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    Unbox and Enjoy!

    Gear up for family pickleball fun, throw some unforgettable branding events, elevate your client's resort experience, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've got answers.

What materials are CREW Pickleball paddles made from?

Crew utilizes advanced materials in all our paddles. The Performance Series features Toray 700 Carbon Fiber and an edgeless Carbon face with a Rough-Grit surface texture, thermoformed for superior performance. Meanwhile, the Lifestyle & Founder Series incorporates a Carbon face with a Rough-Grit surface texture and an edge guard for added durability.

What kinds of corporate gifting options does CREW provide?

CREW offers a range of customizable gifting solutions suitable for corporate needs. Whether it's branded merchandise, employee incentives, or unique gifting ideas, our team can work with you to create tailored packages that align with your brand and objectives.

Does CREW sponsor charitable organizations and events?

At CREW, we're committed to supporting charitable causes and events. If you have a donation or event request, please contact us at hello@crewpickleball.com. We evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis, striving to contribute to initiatives that align with our values and mission.

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